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David Williams
An Australian premiere, co-commissioned by Vitalstatistix and HotHouse Theatre

“It's the burden of modern Australian faith communities to see that those most loudly trying to co-opt a religious identity to their political behaviour are those acting with the least selflessness or humanity.” Van Badham, The Guardian

From award-winning documentary theatre maker David Williams, comes a surprising journey into the world of the quietly, progressively faithful.

The place of Christian faith in Australian politics is often linked to conservatism and intolerance. Many members of the current Federal Government profess deep Christian beliefs and groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby loudly intervene in public policy debates.

Yet, new faith-based social movements such as Love Makes A Way actively campaign against government policies. The spectacle of religious leaders undertaking non-violent acts of civil disobedience, including prayer vigils in the offices of Christian politicians, has captured the imaginations of many. Other Christians work less publically to separate church and hate in their own communities and congregations.

Quiet Faith has been generated from hours of interviews with Christian Australians, each of whom has also selected a personally significant song. Beautiful, immersive, full of musicality and heart, Quiet Faith is an antidote to despair about religion and politics, offering a portrait of the very different ways that faith can underpin civic life.

“My hope is that the church expands its voice beyond moral issues, and becomes about what we're for rather than what we're against... And that is a project of broadening people's theology. Quiet Faith interviewee

Writer, director & performer: David Williams
Performer & collaborator: Ashton Malcolm
Designer: Jonathon Oxlade
Sound designer: Bob Scott
Lighting designer: Chris Petridis
Outside eye: Roz Hervey
Creative producer: Emma Webb

8pm Wednesday – Sunday; and 2pm Sundays
Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
$32 full; $28 concession; $25 Fringe Benefits
Preview 8 October, all tickets $25
Audience Q&A Sunday Oct 12 (2pm show) & Wednesday Oct 15


Mish Grigor

Man O Man is a new residency-made live art project by NSW-based performance maker Mish Grigor. Sitting at the crossroads of performance, artist talk, installation and public meeting, Man O Man starts from the provocation: what would we say, formally, on the last night of patriarchy?

Over the course of a residency, a team of women (some artists and some non-artists) write speeches, together and alone. These speeches form a collection of imagined new worlds, with multiple feminisms.

At the conclusion of the residency a town hall meeting is held. Perhaps it is The Last Night of the World as We Know It. The Arnott’s biscuits are laid out, the urn is turned on. A speaker steps towards the lectern and the conversation begins.

Using the world of formal speeches in a civic space, Man O Man is a musing on feminism, the performance of gender and the act of conjuring the future through text and speech.

During her time with Vitals, Mish will extend the residency model of this work through collaborating with South Australian artists, as well as working with non-artists for the first time in the development of the project.

Mish will undertake her Incubator residency during Oct-Nov. Man O Man will be presented 7pm Friday 14 NOVEMBER; subscribe to Vitals’ e-news for details.


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